Transoncloud TMS - Dashboard

Transoncloud’s Transport Management System - Dashboard

Transoncloud’s fleet management dashboard provides you with a single-view interface into your fleet operations and performance. Dashboard and Reports let you check on fleet and driver activity and trends at a glance. You can view everything from weekly or monthly high-level trends, or track detailed and individual performance data. Fleet reports allow you to evaluate overall operational efficiency for driver activity, driver performance, driver scoring, fuel consumption and fleet performance. Vehicle reports allow you to monitor vehicle usage for accidents, alarms, fuel tax and vehicle usage.

Make better decisions – a visual presentation of performance measures lets you identify trends in driver behavior, track vehicles andservice performance, and measure efficiencies.
Align your organization – by working from a universal set of metrics and a single view into these, all internal functions can track organizational goals and performance.
Increase operational efficiencies – you save time over running multiple reports, gain total visibility into all information, better manage routes and drivers, and can respond faster to customer service issues.
Faster problem resolution – by being able to detect and identify problem areas, you can better manage exceptions, deal with driver orvehicle issues, and ensure route efficiencies.