Reports Management System

Transport Management System - Custom Report

The Reports option available in our transport management system - Transoncloud empowers managers to stay up-to-date with their fleet’s every move through comprehensive performance reports. Transoncloud offers a clear and concise reporting package to better manage your fleet. Using a simple filtering process, you can easily generate standardized reports into custom reports.

This extensive package of the requested reports, available in numerical and graphical formats, also generates customized analysis and access to the exact data you need. Fleet management reports are available in CSV, Word, PDF or XML format for easy use with additional office and accounting purpose. The reporting package has been designed to easily integrate with other applications including payroll, fleet management, fuel card, contract management and CRM to streamline administrative and business processes.

You’re able to generate a variety of analytics, including:

Branch Details
Trip Sheet
Branch With Vehicle
Vehicle Details
Contract Return
Contract Multiple
Driver Details
Driver With Vehicle
Vehicle Allotted Details
Planning Weekly
Transport Cost
Optimization Plan
Event Log
Driver Salary
Diesel Cost