Fuel Management System

A Complete resolution to every challenge faced by fleet operators.

Fuel is one of the largest fleet expenses. It's time to better understand your fuel costs. The unpredictable inflation, fuel has made it a challenge for the fleet and operation managers to find ways to lower fuel costs.
Regular vehicle maintenance, vehicle selection, journey management, Driver behaviour and periodical tyre care can all have an impact on your fuel costs. Exploring Transoncloud fuel Management module not only will assist you in tracking fuel consumption per vehicle, but also auto calculate the fuel cost consumed per mile. Transoncloud also provide easy, efficient solutions to all of these factors, helping you control fuel consumption and keep your costs to an absolute minimum.
Fuel Consumption and transaction data can be monitored by any one of the following combinations Fuel cards, Fuel Bunkering, Accounts with local stations and Credit cards /Cash. Whenever the fuel purchased can be compared to the vehicle activity which includes, mileage, distance, driving style and idling.

Benefits of Fuel Management

Import fuel transactions from fuel cards.
Fuel Entries automatically calculate MPG, distance between fill-ups and cost/mile.
To Measure fuel efficiency per vehicle over time and across vehicles.
Clear visibility of vehicle maintenance issues that are causing excessive fuel consumption.
Technology to help you monitor driver behaviour and spot fuel-heavy driving habits.
Reliable identification of potential fuel theft.
Tools and advice to help you reduce your HMRC liability on fuel expenditure.
Reports can be generated to understand the fuel consumption of a vehicle.
Manage and control fuel costs by closely monitoring your vehicle/equipment, fuel consumption and efficiency.