Finance Management System

Integrated Planning and Costing

Transport Management System - Finance Solution

The Planning and Costing Management module in TransOnCloud TMS helps you to register all costs associated to the operation of your fleet, including fuel, tolls, insurance, maintenance, tyres, salaries, etc. Calculate the Planned and Actual costs and – equally important – the cost per km, for each vehicle. This will allow you to know exactly the profitability of your fleet.

Breakdown the costs of your fleet, giving you detailed information about the variable costs and the fixed costs of your fleet.

Detect false informations, like wrong km readings, excessive fuel consumption or impossible refuelling places and times (comparison with GPS data).

Enter costs manually (variable costs such as fuel) or automatically (recurring, fixed costs such as insurance) in our transport management system. Once you enter your vehicles’ cost, you will be able to calculate, for a certain time period (for instance the last month), total costs. You will also be able to breakdown the cost if you want to see, for a certain vehicle, what is the exact composition of your cost.

Route costing

Transoncloud’s Route costing module was conceived as a very powerful tool to create and control planned routes. Planned and actual times of departure and arrival are registered, so Transoncloud can estimate, recalculate and notify of arrival times, accounting for the deviation from the planned routes.

You will be able to spot right on any vehicle not following a predefined approved route. You will know how far a vehicle is from its destination and when its arrival is estimated.

Our transport management system benefits do not stop here. You can even program Transoncloud to alert your customers a few minutes – or a few kilometers – before the arrival of your vehicle.

Benefits of Finance Management

Transoncloud reduced our fuel costs
Transoncloud helps you reduce fuel consumption by optimizing routes and controlling driving behavior. You will save a lot on fuel spent in useless trips.
Save money
By not having to replace stolen goods or indemnify your customers.
Calculate the real cost/km for each vehicle
Know exactly how much each vehicle costs per km – or per month.
Check the authenticity of cost notes
By crosschecking cost notes and GPS data, Transoncloud will help you in their validation.