Driver Management System

Ensure the better driving result for your fleet business

Transport Management System - Driver Management

Transoncloud Driver Management module electronically monitors your drivers and automatically provides driving records . Our transport management system is a proven solution to help manage your drivers. The vehicle details and Job sheets are updated in the DMS where drivers can see their job for the day by login with their credentials.
The Driver Management Module assists you to streamline the administration of drivers' information, such as driving records, documents, CDL certifications and much more. The centralized system allows Real time performance of drivers and vehicle can be measured by the users. In Driver Management System, users can set drivers to active and inactive state by entering data and monitor them.
The Module allows you to keep track of your drivers’ Driving Records, Expiration Dates, Employee Auto Insurance and Archive and Categorize any documents for each driver indefinitely.

Features of Driver Management:

Users can maintain a perfect drivers list.
Users can define the Drivers group.
Drivers driving activity summary are generated.
Idle and inactive drivers can be monitored.
Drivers driving trends with previous trends can be compared.
Shows Upward and Downward trends of drivers’ group.

Benefits of Driver Management:

Real time monitoring of drivers made easy.
Reports are generated.
Cost and Time management are made optimized in real time.
User and driver communication is made easy.
Users’ safety and satisfaction are achieved.