Booking & Planning Management System

Transport Management System - Booking and Planning

Transoncloud designed with valuable features to manage your vehicle booking enquiries and process those businesses to delivering an efficient service. Our Transoncloud caters to track and monitor your vehicles online. You can view all bookings by site, driver, time period, reference number and booking status.

Booking Module is the most advanced web-based booking solution for your Transport business and improves your business efficiency drastically. While you book the vehicle Transoncloud has two prominent features.

Automatic Booking – When the booking is completed by taking required inputs, the transport management system automatically assigns a suitable vehicle and driver, takes you to the truck status page and the fleet cost is displayed.

Manual Booking – Once the booking is completed with required inputs in the transport management system, it takes you to the truck status page, you need to manually select suitable vehicle, and also choose a driver from the pop up list suitable to drive that particular vehicle type. Fleet cost is displayed.

Our booking module has an exclusive features

Direct One Way
Direct Return
Direct Multiple
Contract One Way
Contract Return
Contract Multiple

Make a list of the vehicles that are available for use.
Many of the repetitive and time consuming tasks that were previously done manually are now fully automated.
Enter the people that have access to the vehicles as users of the system.
Much faster, flexible and accurate. Agents can receive their calculations automatically when the requests are made on-line.
The users of the system can search for available vehicles and make bookings to reserve them for use.
Vehicles can be booked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in online without any constraints of business hours.
Produce Reports on your vehicles and their booking activity.