Transport Management System (TMS)

Transoncloud TMS - Web based and secured Cloud environment

Transoncloud a comprehensive Transport Solution is a great option for Companies, Fleet carriers Organizers, Logistic consulting firms. Our TMS technology designed by transport experts like you and our professionals. Transoncloud, Transport Management System is an end to end solution that provides wide range of functionality to address your entire transport activities.

We provide a total solution for Trucking Industry integrating Driver, Truck and Management System seamlessly with GPS & Smartphone. Truck Driver has control over his activities without any manual intervention.

Smart phones or Tablets can access route map, vehicle load documents, trip details, alerts like driver’s violations, load limits. We help integrate Transoncloud TMS with your existing ERP or CRM.

Our managed hosting services take advantage of the cloud to provide you with more business agility and the freedom to concentrate on your core business competencies. Rely on TMS Cloud experts to manage your operation environment for critical business uptime.

The all-encompassing Transport Solution in the Cloud (Transoncloud) from White House Business Solutions (WHBS) is guaranteed to satisfy all your truck management needs. It is necessary for you to overcome your day-2-day operating hassles.

Give business stakeholders the right tools to be successful with Transport Management System across the enterprise.

What You Can Expect From Transoncloud?

Transoncloud with the host of features is offered on a scalable Web based environment as Software as a Service Model (SaaS), you don’t invest for purchasing software and upgrades or physical infrastructure, IT and Hardware cost. Pay for what you use on subscription basis.

Transport Management System (TMS) through its route optimization, planning and scheduling can benefit tremendously. Helps to increase operational efficiencies, Vehicle utilization and customer satisfaction, reduction of transport cost, mileage covered, avoid empty return trip or short loading. Ensure vehicles and assets security. TMS is easy-to-use technology with tracking and optimization tools. Included extensive route plan maps and accurate planned, achieved mileage reports and costing module.


GPS Integration

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Multi-Language Support

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Transport Management System - dashboard


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Transport Management System - Booking

Booking Management

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Transport Management System - Costing and Planning

Costing & Planning

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Transport Management System - Report

Report Management

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Product Info

Transport Management System - product

Product Description:

Model : Atom 328
Size : 180(L)*85(W)*35(H) mm
Weight : 150gm
Battery : 3.7V 1200mAh
Standby time : 48h
In Power DC : 9 - 24 V

Product Features:

  • Real-time tracking
  • Auto-tracking
  • Mail address checking by SMS
  • Blind area tracking
  • GPS+GSM tracking

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